Is there any way I can ruin my chances with her?

so this girl I met in college is really cute and awesome. we text a lot over the summer and she's suggested that we go bowling, that I teach her to play poker, etc. so it seems like she likes me. I've been texting her and it hasn't felt the same or as interesting (understandable since we haven't gotten to hang out or anything) and she eventually just stopped texting me :/

but my plan is to wait a few weeks or a month then text her, or just wait until my birthday (early August) and see if she texts me. then when the semester starts I will see where we are at.

my question is: is there any way I can accidentally screw this up? I like her and would like it to work out but I'm nervous I'll mess it up.


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  • I hate to say this, but you've already screwed it up I'm afraid.

    You should have offered to hang out and you gave a solid time to meet.

    She got cold, forgot your face, and lost interest.

    Lesson learned: Strike while the iron is hot. Don't wait so long like that next time. You'll find someone else.

    • What? How did I mess up?

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    • You question OMITTED this important fact. (different states). Good luck.

    • haha your right, my apologies for that mistake. so you think its not a hopeless endeavour?

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