Close to getting first boyfriend, and I'm petrified...

So I'm 17 years old...And I've had this guy-friend for a while, we had a few classes together and now we've been texting throughout the summer...

Anyways, if you can think back to when you got your first girlfriend/boyfriend you'd understand how I feel, I get so nervous just talking to him.

We both like each other and know it, but my I've never talked to my mom or dad about any of this boy stuff or dating, and I have never even been to the movies with a guy >.<

My parents want me to date, it's just that my school sucks when it comes to finding people like me, so I'm excited that I got to know him...but I have never dealt with this stuff! I'm nervous and don't know how to handle whatever situation I'm in!

Idk if you could even call it a situation, Just give me some pointers please? (btw my parents aren't an issue I just thought you'd wanna know)


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  • Just remember, "its OK, he likes you." whenever I get nervous in a relationship I think "its OK man, she likes you"

    even if you think you did something one thing won't change his opinion so just try to go with the flow and just be you.


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  • You don't need to worry. Just go with the flow. As long as he respects you and you feel safe with him and have fun together, that's what's important. Once things go further and you actually start dating then you can tell your parents if you want.

  • I think I'm close to getting a boyfriend too :) its nerve racking, we haven't even met in person though and when the subject comes up about us meeting I get a nervous sick feeling almost so I know how you feel

    I think just relax and go with the flow :) I know it'll be hard though