Do I call him? Help I need lots of answers guys and girls

so I work at a coffee place. and this guy who I thought looked attractive drove by but didn't stop. then a customer stopped and talked to him so when she came up I asked about him and she said she would get the hook up which I thought was awkward I mean I don't even know him! but sure enough the next day when I was off he came in and asked if I was working and told my co workers to tell me that he had come in. and then today before I got to work he came by again and left his number

so now I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if he already made a big enough effort to get to know me that know its my turn and I should text him. or should I just play the hard to get thing. he knows where to find me. should I just wait for him to come into my work again.


thanks and happy thanks giving everyone


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  • wait a day or 2 and then text him just "hey this is [your name here]." then wait for his response. if he doesn't respond don't take it personally and don't text him again [I had to learn the kinda hard way that a guy's phone number is not to be abused if you know what I mean.well at least that guy and I are probably still gonna be friends.]

    anyways just text him once and then let him make the next move.

    • So after reading some of these answers tonight I sent him a text message and he never text me back. =/ kinda sucks but whatever there are many fish in the sea thank you for the answer!

    • Oh don't worry or necessarily take it personally. it could be a number of things, like he never got the text yet [one guy whom had flirted with me a lot the weekend before had actually lost his phone and so I texted and called him one too many times...until finally he texted that he had lost his phone for a little bit.] and this is just the morning after so give it some more time. I'd give it at the most 2-3 days in fact.

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  • I would say that you should text him and get to know him alittle bit. He obviously knows that you have some interest in him if you managed to get his number. Don't text him too much and see how he responds to your texts. You can still play the hard to get thing, but text him so that he has your number and can communicate with you that way or by going into your work.

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