What's the deal with girls not calling first?

here s the deal ..i know this girl from my office , we talk a lot on weekdays about music songs movies etc etc cause we stay till late in office , so we do spend time with each other ..and recently we met outside of office boundaries too ..like movie and dinner and drive around and stuff ..i really like her ..what happens usually is ..she doesn't messages me first or call me ..its me who has to initiate the talk and then she starts showing interest ..whats the deal with this ..i am really irritated ..


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  • I guarantee she wants to do nothing but talk to you. She is either feeling one of the following. Either she is following the rule "always let the guy initiate the conversation in the beginning so you know he wants to talk to you" or she doesn't want to end up over texting you or calling you to a point where it is a bother. If she is replying back and answering the phone then she really wants to talk to you.

    Some guys like the game and others don't and I am guessing you aren't one of them. So just let her know "Hey I wouldn't mind getting a text or call from you now and then, I like hearing from you"

    • Thanks for your answer :) I actually called her last night and we talked about stuff and I brought it up ..she said she wasn't really sure is she could call me ..bcz she might be disturbing me ..

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  • Maybe she's just one of those girls who doesn't want to come across as too strong or she's old fashioned in the sense of she leaves a guy to make the plans. Another possible reason could be that she isn't sure if you really like her, girls can be a blind with these things too you know, so if I were you I would just keep the patience up and initiate a few more things and hopefully she'll get the message. Next time try to be a bit more obvious that you're into her.

    • u may be correct ..she s older to me ..so may be she s not sure of my intentions ...but I really want this one to work out !

  • Either a) she wants you to chase her or b) she wants to feel secure that you like her so she waits for you to make the first move---or she may not be that into you. If you guys hit it off well, and you feel competent in your relationship, it shouldn't be too much of a concern though.

    But I would be irritated too if I were you! Personally, I try to keep a balance when I start a relationship with someone, but usually the whole 'guys call first, make the first move' etc. thing is out of seeing if the guy is interested in you at first and so you don't seem 'clingy.'

  • Maybe she's just more traditional in the beginning with a guy. If it pisses you off so much, then stop. I'm sure she'd want a guy who didn't mind doing it than a guy who gets irritated because of it.

    • stop ? :) I really like her ..after long time I have met a girl , I connect with .. may be I just need to give it some time

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