How do I bring up who is paying for our next date?

I can afford to pay for my self and others and I do it often but when it comes to dating I feel kind of awkward about this. In the past I have dated a guy who would rarely buy me things because he could not afford it, he had no steady job, and I didn't mind this because I was young and leeching off my dad anyway, I just enjoyed spending time with him. But I eventually got a job and wanted to take him to a movie, or by us some food, sweet stuff like that. Then it got to the point where if I wanted to hangout then I was spending money. Well anyway we broke up lol

I don't mind at all paying for stuff but at the same time I don't want people to assume that I'm gonna be paying all the time. I have also heard some advice that A guy feels really manly if he can do things for his girl. So I dated a guy earlier this year and he wanted to go out and do stuff all the time and he would pay all the time. He was really into me.There were times when he would say. "..Im gonna do this job so I can afford to take you out next time.." and well I felt kind of awkward and I told him we don't always have to do things that involve spending money. I don't mind just hanging out at home or if we go out we can split the bill or something. well anyway we stoped seeing each other, he graduated and got offered a job somewhere far away lol

well now I'm dating another guy and he is paying for me too. our last date we went out to eat and I saw that bill wow. But he didn't mind he had a great time and he asked me out again tonight to see a movie. And over here movies are cheap so that's why I was relieved $6 but then I realized he wanted to see a 3d movie and that is like $17 a ticket.

okay now I just have a steady job, not a career yet, I'm a student, I'm not rich and I don't expect my man to be rich.

I'm not sure what I should do tonight. He asked me out so do I just let him pay and not care. I just don't want it ending up being like "well I can't see you again because I can't afford to go out with you" and I also don't want it to turn out that I have to spend money too whenever I want to see him.


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  • Ok lets cut this up...

    1. First lets say your broke...hes asking.. And you can't spend any money.. And he asks you out.. Right as he asks you out you tell him he will have to pay Because your broke.. He'd understand..

    2. If either of Him and you are broke.. Most likly you two won't ask the other out as much.. Unless its to something that doesn't cost money.. So dates will come less often.

    3. He asks you out.. You want to pay.. Ask him if you can.. But he'll refuse.. Don't push it at first.. Go on a few dates each time suggest you can pay.. After about 4 dates then push it.. Tell him if you share the cost then you can do more dates that cost.. But again on the first few dates its a good thing to let him pay..

    If you don't let him pay.. He will question if you like him.. So at first let him pay.. But offer each time

  • Tell him you can do way more things together if you share the load.


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