Some ideas of what to do when hanging out for the first time?

What would be good ideas? Just walking around the center? (mall for Americans I believe) or going to the cinema? Or something else? This will be the first time we've properly met. Its been a bit of a set up as such by one of my friends.

Although we Haven't properly said when we should hang out or where etc, we've... flirted about it as such though and after my friend asked him if we were going to meet up he said "probably, sometime XD"

So yeah, any advice would be great! :)


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  • Definitely somewhere public if you've never met before.

    A shopping centre sounds good as long as your both willing to go into the same shops.

    The cinemas isn't a great idea because you won't get to know each other that well because you won't be talking as much.

    Coffee or bowling are two other good ideas.

    Or you might be more comfortable hanging out in a large group first, in which case a group activity (e.g. bowling) or just shopping/hanging out would be best.

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