Does he like me, or nah?

So he and I were friends for 2.5 years, I often wondered if he liked me more than a friend. Then one day he blasts on Facebook he’s dating somebody else. I got really hurt, so I blocked him.
A month or so later, I got a long text from him. He said he noticed I blocked him on Facebook, so he signed into his mom & his dad’s accounts to see if I was still friends with them. (I was.) He said then he checked my friends list “to see if I was friends with other guys”. He was really bothered I blocked him, and he said he missed our friendship. He wanted to know why. So I layed it all out, told him I liked him and wondered if we could ever be more than friends. Since he was now dating, I needed to move on. It showed he read my text immediately, but he never replied. Two days later, he proposed to his new girlfriend.
ONE YEAR later after that long text, and 6 months after he was married, he texted me out of the blue. He said he was “going through his old messages” & saw “he forgot to reply to my message from a year ago” He went on to say he never loved me, and that I was just a friend.
I didn’t write back to his text.

…. I think I dodged a bullet, but based on this guy’s behavior, my gut tells me he DID like me, regardless of his text. If he didn’t like me at all, why was he so bothered? And if I didn’t mean anything to him, why text after you’ve been married?
Does he like me, or nah?
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