Blind date ends in kiss--What to expect now?

Because I'm not all that familiar with the dating world, I'm having trouble deciphering something. The situation is I went on a blind date last night, and I thought it went great. What was expected to last maybe a few hours ended up much later due to conversation and what have you, ending the night with few kisses. :)

There was talk at one point of the night about getting together again. I told him he has my number, although the primary mode of communication has been through Facebook.

So far I haven't heard anything from him, which is fine. However, I guess I was hoping to receive a message, saying maybe he had a good time and then would suggest a date. Y'know, something like that? Give it more time, or maybe I read the night wrong? I guess from you guys I'm just looking for some reassurance..or maybe a blunt truth? Dating has never been my strong forte.

Thank you in advance!


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  • Most guys are told not to contact a girl within the first 72 hours. He may very well be following that advice.

    Dont sweat it. He will get a hold of you if it was that much of a success.


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  • How long has it been since the date?

    Some guys wait a couple of days to call and others call the same night! It seems like he had a good time too and you both talked about hanging out again. he'll call soon. Be patient :)

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