Should I forgive him?? Please help!!!!

Here's the story: so me and this guy named Robert have been talking for a while. Eventually he said he fell in love with me, and I fell for him to. He lives kinda far so we never brought up dating. Anyways so I was talking to my friend jade and she said of how rob told her he loved her and he wanted to live with her. So I called him on it. His defense was it was flirting and he didn't mean it. Basically long story short we had a pretty good argument. The last thing I said to him was you know what Robert?, I love you, but right now I'm done. Then he said no please, please, can I text you tomorrow. (3 different msgs) then he sent me a fb message saying:I'm sorry, please I'm sorry and I love you truly and I will do ANYTHING to prove it.

So what should I do or say. He was supposed to call me today but I'm guessing he's a little unsure now idk. What should I say back? Should I even say anything back at all?


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  • lol the guy is a playa dnt even think bout going back he would keep on flirting and eventually destroy year life


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  • Who do you trust your friend or this guy? Even if he didn't mean it, why would he say that. If its not your friend it could be someone else. I think you've done the right thing by letting him go. He should know that you aren't going to put up with it. There is no excuse for him saying that.