First time meeting someone online? Age difference.

So I've been talking to a special someone.He is 24 and I'm 18 We both agreed that we like each other and he's been wanting to hangout for awhile. The thing is we started talking through Facebook and I've never met him before I'm nervous I really want to met him and see what happens I've never meet someone online I need help. Is he too old for me? What are some of your experiences meeting someone online for the first time?


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  • He is not that much older than you, but of course it's personal preference what age range you feel most comfortable dating.

    You should take standard precautions you would with anyone you meet online. Only meet in a public place the first time, and don't give too much personal info about yourself.

    Emotionally, you want to pretend this is the first time you're meeting him, even though you've been talking online for a while.


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  • I see a 24 year old hitting on an 18 year old and I'd raise my eyebrows for sure. Also, I'm reasonably sure that it's been hammered into the collective consciousness of kids to not meet people from the internet in real life. That being said, do what you want, it's your life. He's probably just like any other male friend you have now, just talk to him like one of them.

    Incidentally, you appear to be lacking pants in your profile picture. Just a friendly heads up, we don't want to attract the wrong sort of people, do we?

  • Don't worry about age, my aunt and uncle are ten years apart and they have a little girl now. Love knows no bounds right?


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