I am a bit nervous about this hang out date? What do you think?

One of my course college classmate have contacted me on Facebook. It has been more then 4yrs now since we have talk or see each other every since we graduated. We did have a lilo history. I used to stay the night over at his place for almost a month because I commute so far to class. It so weird because within our relationship as classmate/friends, we weren't that comfortable yet, barely talk to each-other. I guess maybe at that time we were still classmate and so it was a lilo weird. Anyways he ask if we can hang out. I told him yes. It be great to see him too. I just worry that at the end of the day it might come down to that silence and friend with benefit.

Okay, so I failed. we hit it. booowhooo...hahaa. But we talk where we stand at. so that all gud. but I think he into me. When I left he say we should hang out more often (knowing each other, I was like hmm..will see about that hahaa) We even talk about why we both are single. He text the next day saying he had a good time with me. Which right there telling me he into me. hmm...will see..


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  • That's kinda what it sounds like. If you don't want to be in that situation then either talk to him or don't hang out.

    • YEA, agree..just don't have sex! lolz. thanks guys. I guess, it will be great to see him again and to have a friend. nothin more then that.

  • Well, just don't have sex with him.


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