How do I start? where do I start?

so I found the problem that I have never had a girl is because I never really even speak to girls just barely and never with intent to date

so where do I start? how can I start?


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  • Start by talking more. It's a skill. Like any skill, you get better with practice.

    Talk to more strangers around you. Shop staff, bar staff, what ever. Stop a stranger on the street and ask for directions, even if you don't need them.

    Get used to talking loudly and clearly to strangers. Smile more.

    Taxi drivers are good, because they can talk about anything. They're used to it.

    When you have gotten used to talking to strangers (men and women) talk to girls who interest you. Still, don't worry about the dating side just yet. Just get used to speaking to them, more than "barely".

    When you've mastered that, you'll find it's easy to ask a girl to get a coffee with you.

  • start getting exposed indirectly. meaning, you make lots of friends (especially female friends) and eventually they might help you out and hook you up with one of their female friends. that is why it really pays to be nice and friendly to evryone around never know who you might meet along the way in the never-ending journey to friendship.

    but that of course is just a start. the rest is up to you. cheers, and enjoi!