My friend told me a guy I like doesn't date?

She was told by a friend of his that he doesn't date. Yet, from what I can gather (from formspring) it appears he's just never been in a relationship and he says "he never gets the girl".

So I don't know if the guy's friend said it because he's just never been out with anyone or if he's actually said "i don't date". But the latter seems unlikely and and there would have been opportunities to say he doesn't date on formspring...

Please help, what do you think? Because I think I'm really starting to fall for him!

Plus the guy has been flirting with me online and he did imply he wanted to meet me.


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  • If he says that he never gets the girl, you should be more obvious in your attraction to him, but not annoying though, because he will shut out small hints of attraction if he never gets the girl and you've got to overwhelm him with hints just enough so that he will know it wasn't another misconception... I know this cause I am kinda in the same boat as him...


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