I need opinions because I'm the queen of over-analysis...

So there are these 2 guys that are friends, let's call them john and jake. well I really like john and have for 2.5 years but he has a girlfriend. we haven't hung out in over a year. but I dated jake last summer mainly just because he seemed to like me and reminded me of john. I hung out with him a few weeks ago and told him I'm moving later this summer. just last night I texted john to tell him I was moving this summer and wanna hang out before that. he responded saying "yea we need to hang out. jake wants to hang out too." should I be flattered they talk about me together or is john just trying to push me off on jake because he doesn't like me? or am I over-analyzing it?


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  • It doesn't sound like either I think they both just want to hang out before you move. That's it. And dating someone that reminds you of someone else is just going to make it harder on you. And yes you are over analyzing it haha

    • haha yea the dating someone who reminds me of someone else wasn't on purpose. when I met him, he just had such a similar personality to him that I fell for him. it didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't actually like him so I stopped dating him lol

    • Ooohkay I was about to say hahaha

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