Can't decide between two guys.

So I found out the guy I have been in love with for years told me he is falling for me, great news except he is leaving for a job for almost a year. And I also met a new really great guy so I don't kno if I should see if the one I have loved wanted to try a long distance relationship or just move on to the new guy?


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  • Long distance takes a lot of work and a lot of 'oh I missed your call cas I was doing this, etc.' If you really like the guy then go for it but it is difficult. For friends it is fine but for partners it is really hard in my experience. If he cares for you then why not wait a year?

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    • So should I even ask if he wants to date while he is gone or just leave it?

    • It's up to you. It is pretty crappy that he told you this just before he left...means you have to make the decision, meaning the pressure is on you. If you want to try the long distance thing then try it and see how you get on...just go into it with your eyes open.

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  • Do both. Neither of them will know.


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  • Personally I don't think you should choose between both of you, but rather assess what is the current situation/status for yourself (i.e. are you in college now? are you heading off to work? etc.)

    If your current and future situation allows you to have a feasible and practical relationship with either one of them, then you can give them a try. If not, the best thing is to stay as friends.

    Assuming that it is practical for you and the guys to be in a relationship, I'd still think you ought not to jump into a relationship first. My suggestion for you is to get to know more about this new guy (if you are into a committed and serious relationship) and still maintaining a very close relationship with the other guy. Just be careful not to lead the "not new guy" on too much. If the "not new guy" really likes you, he'll respect that you don't want to rush into a relationship.