I don't know if I should feel bad...

So, I was on my way home from my friends house tonight around 1:30 am and suddenly this guy who I've been hanging out with and like asked me if I wanted to hang. & I said I was really tired but he could stop by for a little if he came asap ( neeed sleep! ) so I was waiting for him then suddenly he calls me and says... "honestly my boy wants to blaze with me so I'm abouta do that then come by a little later" and I told him no because I felt like he would rather do that then come hang with me and I felt like it was disrespectful. then he called again after I had already said no and he was like " I'm about to come over your house" and I was like no... your not actually and I hung up. but now I kinda feel bad (bc that's the way I am.. lol) but I feel like I shouldnt. Am I justified?



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  • Aww you did the right thing. He had his chance but didn't take it. You warned him, it sounds legit. There will be many more opportunities of hang lol