She doesn't seem like she likes me enough. What is she trying to do?

So this girl I've liked for about 8 months invited me to her beach house to stay with her and her family for a few days, the first night we ended up cuddling then started doing stuff and the last night I was there we did the same thing. However, she doesn't seem like she likes me enough to date but I just don't get why she would do stuff with me and not think of anything more. Please help.


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  • You should ask her directly, as you both deserve a proper explanation of what went on.

    In some cases, people will participate in "light" activity shall we call it, as a way to see if they COULD be into a person who seems good, but they haven't 'felt' anything for previously.

    Once they have their experiment, if it still doesn't seem a feeling has formed, they will drop it.

    But as I said, both of you owe each direct answers about this now, since there was sexually-oriented contact.

    It's one thing to lie about feelings when there is little social interaction, but when any sexually-oriented activity occurs, it's time to face honesty and say what is going on.