I ruined my friend's date and now I feel bad!!

There's this girl I really REALLY like and I found out that she was going on a date with this guy, I got jealous and couldn't help myself, I knew I had to ruin that date, so I asked my best friend to come with me and he was happy to help, so we followed them around the movie theatre, making my friend/obsession's date look like a immature, idiotic, crybaby! And now I feel terrible about it and I don't wanna confess to it! What should I do?


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  • Are you friends with this girl? If you are and think she is understanding then I think she might be reasonable if you told her. But honestly I would let go of it and concentrate on the reason why you did this, which is because you like her.. . I think that's what is bugging you and you should think about whether you should tell her you do.

    • Yes I'm very good friends with her,I feel bad because, the guy she was on a date with, seems like a really nice guy and it was immature and selfish of me to do that too them, so I called her and told her what I had done, I even told her about my 5 year crush I've had on her, now sshe wants me to meet up with her at the mall to talk about it! Lol, a few days ago I was just a average guy, now my life is like a Romantic Comedy movie!

    • YAY! I'm happy for you. I hope things go weel for you! :D

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