Why try and date a girl if you don't want to actually date her? Honest guy opinions please & thank you!

Okay long story short this guy & I have known one another for a year and it's messy. Like after evrything he says he wants to "take me on date..miss's me etc." but when it comes down to it he goes I don't like the whole girlfriend thing...So what the hell? why try and date a girl if you don't want to actually date her? So okay he wants to be friends supposedly too? & yes I have made it clear no sex because it just complicates our already confusing nature. Now the thing is I found out he is tlking to his ex from a year ago again..the one who caused his bitter towards girlfriends..so now I feel like he is only talking to me and trying to be nicer these days because he needs an ego boost or someone to still want him when he feels lonely? I feel like my best bet is too cut my loss's & stop responding to him until he get's the hint. This is his 2nd chance at trying to being a friend but he's too confusing.


he's a scorpio? I don't know if that matters?

Yes. the staring & moodiness he always pulls on me.

Am I just a constant game?

Thank you!


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  • No. Men are simple. He likes you. Do not like officialy dating.

    My advice. Don't get confused. Continue what you do. And when time comes and he want's something more from you, then you can want something more from him.


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