What does a kiss on the cheek mean?

Me and my boyfriend was in the kitchen and I was making pancakes and he started to help as I was flipping the pancakes he was on the side of me out of nowhere he lean over and kissed me on the cheek.

Yes it was the first time but we always kiss each other on the lips why the cheek is there a something more referring to the kiss on the cheek
He haven't told me that he love's me yet I think that he will I told him tho I always do. What's with these guy's what are they so afraid of it's just word's.


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  • I agree with these girls...they seem to know what they are talking about...I never thought of it being a way to show they love you..but, it makes sense. I just always thought they thought you were adorable at that moment or something...but, now I am wondering..lol


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  • it is a good thing, that is really cute, and if it is the first time he has kissed you on the cheek then you should be happy that he is taking the initiative to do something to show that he loves you

    • What if he has never told you that he loves you though? lol..I agree with you..but, never looked at it that way, until you and knowmeyourself has mentioned it.

    • if he has never told you that he loves you then just give it time, he is just showing you that he likes you more and more, maybe he doesn't yet love you but by the sounds of it he defiantly really likes you

    • if you say that I love you is just words then you don't really want him to say that, I love you isn't just words it is feelings, emotion, trust, etc.

  • it's just a cute little kiss, you're way over thinking

  • It's one of the ways to express his love. Was it the first time to kiss you on the cheek?

    • LOL interesting...what if he never tells you that he loves you though? Just wondering..lol ..but, I kind of agree :)

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