Is it a date or just a friend thing?

I met this guy about a year ago. There was always a little something between us (enough that our friends noticed), but we never really made it past the friend zone. We only hung out in group settings, never just the two of us, but when we were together, we sort of gravitated to each other. A few months later, we both started dating other people. It definitely created some distance between us, but we were both happy for each other and were able to remain friends. Eventually both our relationships didn't work out and a few months ago he got in touch with me. He just wanted to see what was up and he just so happened to tell me he broke up with his girlfriend. I just brushed right passed it, because at the time I had begun casual dating a few people here and there. I was totally MIA, not on purpose, but because I had a lot going on with work and family, that I didn't see him for a couple months after he had gotten in touch. I had to change my number and in doing so, I had to send a text to all my friends and let them know I had gotten a new number. He wrote back. He wanted to know how my summer was and he said he wanted to catch up with me over dinner sometime. I brushed right past this one too, cause I figured if he really meant it he would set something up. A few weeks later, I ran into him in person and he made it a point to say he was going set something up and just as he promised he did. So we're going out this week, to dinner, just the two of us, the first time we've ever been alone together... Is this a date? or is this a friend thing? I can't read it.


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  • It sounds like it's a little more on the date side. If you like him and want to go out again, just say "hey, I had a great time. Can we do it again sometime?"


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