Can two people become a couple just by hanging out and talking instead of doing it "officially"?

I really like my friend, and while I've asked her out and I've been turned down before, so I'm wondering if its possible to get together just like as you hang out more?

I mean, at one point, we were hanging out alone like three/four times a week and talking/texting each night that we didn't

That was a while back and a lot of drama happened (relating to me asking her out and her getting in a relationship with someone else after we sort of drifted apart for a little bit cause we were both so busy) but that's all gone now and I'm trying to work back to what we had

I mean, for my birthday, she wanted to hang out alone, she wanted to make me a cake, a birthday card, and get me a birthday present (none of it happened besides the present/card though cause she got sick or something, I can't really remember)

So... Is it possible? Like, two people hang out a lot and they end up together without either asking on a date or something?

And I probably already know the answer to this (no), but what about just by talking a lot?

We haven't hung out lately but we've talked on the phone and texted a lot (more than I do anyone else lol)


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  • Of course it's possible. And like MartyFellow said, it's a very healthy way of going about things. It gives you a chance to build a slow bond, which will end up creating a stronger foundation for your relationship. I think it's even been proven in studies that couples who start out as friends first usually work out better in the long run.

    That's how me and my boyfriend started out. We hung out every weekend for a couple of months until we got to the point that we knew we wanted to be with each other. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend :)

    • Oh, I probably already know the answer to this (no), but what about just by talking alot?

      We haven't hung out lately (and we won't for the rest of the summer cause she's leaving to go visit one of her parents) but like we text a lot (Went form like last Wednesday to Sunday texting all day everyday)

    • Yeah it could still happen that way. The point is you're talking to each other, getting to know each other better, and building a bond. What matters more is how well you two connect, not how often you see here. Just make sure that you do spend some time with her when you can.

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  • i think its definitely possible... That's how me and my last boyfriend got together... We would text everyday and hangout once or twice a week, he would always call me every night and we would talk till like 2 in the morning... and after a while we just started dating he never asked me or anything... but we ended up in a relationship... so I would say that it could definitely happen to u

    Good luck hope this helped a little :)

  • You already got an answer on this from me...

    • eh, someone told me before that its sometimes worth asking in more than one category :/

  • Ok I tried this and it doesn't work, he just ended up getting a girlfriend on me. To officially do it you have to ask. Hint at it and see what happens before you ask again.


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  • Not only is it posible, but it's much healthier and less stressful and will more likely last! Dating is so artificial, after all.

    • I agree. Except that dating is artificial, I'm not sure what you mean by that lol

    • Dating is totally artificial, a ritual. People dress up and are on good behavior,and you dont' learn much about them on most dates.

    • I do see your point, and unfortunately a lot of people are kind of fake on dates. But not everybody is, I always try to be myself on dates. And whether or not you learn much depends what you do for the date.

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