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We kissed first date he hasn't messaged?

I had a first date with a guy who I recently met online. We spoke for hours then he initiated dropping me home so we got in his car and he said shall we go for a drive so we went for a drive he stopped somewhere we got into another deep conversation and we started talking about love language he said his one was kissing and from there he suggested we try it out lol I am normally not one to kiss on first date but I thought why not. So went for it. First kiss is always awkward it was slightly awkward he was more passionate than me lol but we laughed it off. Continued talking then he dropped me home and before getting out car he hugged and we kind of went for it but didn't so it was just a pek lol. Anyways long story short is

he hasn't messaged me after this it was last night I understand his working. I dropped him a thank you message his read it but no responded. Prior to meeting he wasn't great at texting too he would read and respond later but because now we have met I am kind of reading into it. I am not expecting a “i am interested” text but it would be a basic yeah i had a goodnight too or thank you text.

what do i take from this
We kissed first date he hasn't messaged?
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