He said he was gonna call after his game but didn't.. Is there a reason ?

So OK I've been seeing a guy for a couple of weeks

We really hit it off from the beginning. On Friday night, his best friend tells me that the guy reaaaaalllly likes me, he's a good guy, I shouldn't jerk him around, blah blah. I really like him too. (He told me himself later on, but we were both drunk)

On Saturday, he texted me to make sure I made it home safe, and then was asking how I was doing, you know the usual.

Monday, we texted all day. I suggested we do something this week, and he said Ya sounds like a good idea ! Maybe Thursday or Friday ? so I said OK I'll let you know !

The day after, no text, no call, nothing. So yesterday morning I texted him; no answer. I texted again in the afternoon, just saying '' Hey so I cleared up my schedule for 2morrow night of you still want to do something !'' - No answer. He usually takes a long time to reply when he is busy, I'm used to it, but hey I'm a girl and I can't read his mind so I was worried.

I got home and called him from home (my number is listed as private...) He picked up, we talked for a bit, said he left his phone on the charger all day, didn't have it with him. So I said OK, I texted you to see if you were still up to do something tomorrow night ! HE suggested we do something on the Friday instead, because that would give us more time since on Thursday he has a hockey game at 11. I was like..Ok whatever you want to do, that's fine by me ! but aren't you going out on Friday ?'' And he said No, only Saturday this week. So I said OK if you want to, I'll keep my Friday night for you, and he said ''I'll keep my Friday night for you too !''

then we hung up because his friend was picking him up for a basketball game. He said he was gonna call later, I said I was gonna be busy (esthetician) so he said OK I'll text you after my game then !

NO TEXT... what does that mean ? Am I paranoid ? I have this weird feeling he doesn't really want to see me, but then again I don't know him a lot. Last Friday not only did he tell me he liked me, he actually said '' I'm crazy for you, f*** I love you... I love you...'' but now since the morning after I feel like he's pulling away a little, he texts me reallllly less than before. Could he be shy ? He says he doesn't remember much from that night, (and he kept saying I was a jerk who only wanted sex, his friend told me the same thing, that I was a player, blah blah…)

SO basically…the morning after all that drunk talk, he texted me a lot. But then he went to see his friends in the afternoon and I have this weird feeling ever since, because he used to text me everyday for the past 2 weeks and now he doesn't.

So basically my question is :Why do you guys do this ? If he didn't want to see me, would he have suggested we do something on Friday ? I don't understand ! or am I just a freak and the fact that I have no text doesn't mean anything other than he was busy and tired ?


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  • Probably has a headache and slept most of the day...do you expect consistency from someone who drinks a lot?


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  • It's not a gender thing, girls also tend to ''forget'' replying to guys. I know it's quite irritating, and I can assure you there's definitely something behind it. If I would have a major crush to some girl I would not ignore her messages by no means! It's that simple!

    To me it seems like he's not replying with purpose, so many guys are being advised by all those countless ''dating pros'' to play hot and cold. And many believe!


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  • Well one, it's not a good sign that him and his friend kept accusing you of being a player that just wants sex. It may be stereotypical, but that's not a real worry guys have with girls most of the time. If she at least is willing to have sex, that's good enough for them. So if that's something they keep bringing it up, it's more likely that THEY are the players and they're trying to get you to let your guard down.

    Second, trying to contact him 3 times with no reply was overkill. If you were going to text him at all, it should've been once and then nothing more until he got back to you. Not only did you clear your schedule for that night, but you did it for him again the next night even though he ignored you all day. You've made it clear to him that he is your top priority and that you will bend over backwards even though he's not even your boyfriend. I wouldn't be surprised if he bailed on his plans with you for Friday, or if he does go, it becomes mostly about the sex. He's not putting in nearly as much effort as you are.

    As for his profession of love for you, he was drunk. It's happened to me more than once that I've met a guy I thought was totally amazing while I was out drinking, and then woke up the next day wondering what the hell I was thinking (also praying that he didn't call). It's not to say he doesn't like you, but you can't take a drunk man's words that seriously. He probably felt awkward about it, which is why he pulled back after.

  • Oh dear, it seems guys are the same all over the world. I think that your only fault is to keep text him & calling him. I don't know but it's my believe, Guys be crazy with women who ignoring them. So let's do what they like even if such acting exhaust us.

    Try to fill your time with any useful things drag your thinking far of him & don't mention his name on front of your common friend as if you don't care & let's see what will happen. If he called you; be cool and don't show him that his absence disturb you & if he asked you to go out or something; don't show that you are availabe anytime but tell him that you have to see your timetable first.. etc

    Just let us follow up with you if there's any updates.

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