Why do you guys have to date straight away after a serious relationship?

i need an answer for that as I can't understand it and even tho you date different person you end up texting us back or breaking up with the person ye just went out with and want us back


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  • Because that's why they call it a rebound. Guys tend to react differently to break ups. They relate it to their ego and that they're never hurt. They go out, drink, get laid an have fun when the reality is they're deeply hurt inside. When this stupid rollercoaster phase ends, they realize how stupid they were and try to reconcile with their love.

    • Ya your rite thank you xx and when they get us back why can't we forget them that they dated or why do they leave us after getting a chance and he does the same thing?

    • The on and off means he's immature or he thinks of you as an option.

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  • Sounds like you're dating guys who are lame. And, sometimes dating immediately after a breakup helps us guys heal. :)

    Pick your men better and I guarantee you'll have less breakups, and those few breakups will be much less confusing.

    ~ Robby

    • Ya I guess just this guy tho god he was so complicated it's unreal we are over now but he still texts me sometimes and I am going back soon

      have to collect my pet as He is minding it

  • Uhm...my ex just dumped me an I have no rebound to fall on unlike her. I think what you mean to say is why do people who have insecurities with being alone choose to find a quick rebound after the relationship is over?

    • Thang for the comment ya I guess that's what I mean but also that you guys do it to forget us and trying to move on by dating someone straight away

    • Well girls do it too.

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  • Either you keeping picking guys who are fickle and change their minds a lot.

    Or you're just an awesome girlfriend and they end up realizing what they gave up when they go out with someone else.