Why is it so hard to date out of your own race?

I am really bored with doing in my own race. Why is it so hard to date outside of my ethnic group? Any advice on how to do this? Thanks.


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  • The best thing you can do is be yourself. People have to want to be with you, and if you act different from who you are it won't be you their with.

    I'm not sure where you are, but there are many people of all ethnicities where I am, and everyone seems to be doing well in dating.

    You can check out dating websites. They aren't the load of laughs they once were, and you can find many quality people online.

    Also, checking out speed dating in your area is a great way to meet a lot of people of all kinds of nationalities.

    Good luck!

    • dating sites like plenty of fish and OK cupid can be laughable and craigslist can have scammers and fakers! just saying its normal now but the people on there are bad 95% of the time

    • 95 percent of the time? What study suggests that statistic?

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  • I think the reason why it is very hard for you is because you have spent too much time within your race. The thing is, when you date outside of your race, there are many cultural differences. Before, it was a lot easier to communicate some things (those pertaining to your race) like jokes, and sayings etc etc, but now, the other person might not get it. It might also be that since you've spent too long within your race you feel like you don't know what to tell someone outside of your race, because you don't know what they find interesting.

    To be honest, just be yourself. After all, all you need in someone who can understand you and love you for yourself :) Just someone you can have fun with and forget the rest of the world. Dating outside of your race is possible, I've only ever dated outside of my race :D. It's more intriguing this way :D I hope this can be of help, and good luck !

  • because that's who you're surrounded by


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  • We tend to date people in our circle and our circles tend to be very small. Get different and bigger circles.

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