Is it normal to not like kissing?

Every time I kiss my boyfriend, I'm just not "turned on" or anything, it's just...ehhhh. I really liked these guys that I have been with, and I was attracted to all of them, I just don't know why I'm not in to it. Advice? Comment? Thanks ;)


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  • Its probably just how you are some people find it arousing some people dont. Kinda like with anything else Example: I find green eyes immenssley attractive yet you could find brown eyes attractive. Its just what one likes .

    A preferance, it doesn't make you weird or anything its just not what you find to highten the mood. Every person has a different "switch" yours just isn't kissing

    There is also the opinion of some who find kissing more intimate than actually doing any sexual acts so unless they wholeheartedly like someone they don't like kissing though I doubt this is your problem


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