How to get over him?

Me and my ex were dating for like a year and I thought I was absolutley inlove with him and he was the same to me, but then things just started changing between us.m we started to talk less he started choosing his friends over me. Yeah I let him have his guy time but I would like to see him too but it got to the point were we never saw each other. I would text him good night and he wouldn't answer like he usually does, and good morning and he wouldn't answer till like at night. I started to become depressed and when ever I would confront him about it he would be like don't worry babe I love you I'm just busy. Then like weeks later over Facebook yeah Facebook He tells me I'm sorry but I never loved you I thought it would work if I said I love you but it didn't so were going to have to break up. and he just left me like that and hasn't talked to me since its been like 5 months now. And just recently I figured out he was cheating on me for more than half of our relationship with some girl he met at his aunts house last year. and I'm devastated I still love him what should I do?


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  • You should find ways to make him jealous or do something that makes you happy. Maybe go out and mingle more...also keep yourself busy so you won't have time to think about it.

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