How often do guys think about hooking up with a girl when they're on a date with her?

How many times during a date do guys imagine hooking up with the girl they're on a date with?


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  • Well, honestly, sexual thoughts come naturally to anyone who is in a relationship, regardless of sex. But, it's how the guy reacts to those thoughts that matter.

    Some guys think about it non-stop and some, myself included, less so. I'm more engaged in the conversation and focusing on the non-verbal communication.

    You see, listening does not require your whole brain, so you find your mind wandering. It's the great listener who keeps the focus on the speaker.

    For me, hooking up is the last thing I dwell on, as it's not the point of a being out with someone to me. Getting to know the person is the reason for being with someone, not touching genitals.


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  • Just dating.. not officially in a relationship yet? .. Hmm... anywhere from 20-100 times.

    • are you serious?

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    • so how can you tell a guy is thinking about that? is there a signature move?

    • Nope. We aren't very telling. Our look at you while we think about absolutely nothing can be the same way we look at you when we are thinking about sex. Pretty blank sometimes.

  • None.

  • 20-100 was probably not a bad guess, but most very brief.

    TBH, I might think in a more sustained way about it before the date. I actually pay some attention to conversation, but when you're getting ready etc ... free to let your thoughts roam.

  • every second.


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