He never told me he had a girlfriend. is it because he likes me?

I just graduated boarding school where I met this guy john. John at the time dated one of the girls in my dorm. John would spend most of his time outside with his girlfriend paying more attention to me then her. Most of the time he would say stupid things to me just to get my attention. I never thought anything of it really because I was to busy worrying about important things. Ever since I graduated he has been tweeting me on twitter and constantly chatting me on Facebook. Again I did not think of it anymore until about two weeks ago where finally my brain kicked in and I realized he messages me all the time. I started to get feelings and started heavily flirting and so did he, today I said hey babe what are you doing and he said showering and I said thanks for the invite, and he said for the shower or to come see me? And I said guess, and he said hmmm. And I said you know what I'm talking about , and he said your so dirty I wish you were here winky face, so I finally went on his Facebook info and saw he was in a relationship with this girl, and I got so mad I starting blabbiing on twitter, nothing direct. But he texted me and said ha ha you are taking over twitter baby, and I said ha ha what you can't handle it?... What do I do, what is this situation, to me its a mess I had no idea!

Forgot to mention he broke up with that girlfriend from school, the one I did not know about was the most recent one


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  • Well I'm a bit confused if he is taken or not but if he isn't then you should go out with him because he seems to like you. But make sure he really is single because if he is taken and goes out with you then that's not good. You don't wana be with a guy who will run off with every pritty girl he meets

    • yea, he is in a relationship I found it on face - book in a relationship with ----, I am really annoyed right now, because I feel as if though I am an idiot for not knowing, I do not know why he did not tell me and what made him randomly start getting all flirty.

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    • absolutely, thank you so much.

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