Dating etiquette - is this out of line?

basically there's this girl who I get along really well with, and we have a lot of things in common and have been told that we'd make a good couple (by one of her close friends). I don't often feel with girls that there would be much chance of relationship, so it's not as if I am being impulsive, but this is different. I feel a strong connection..but basically there's a slight hitch - she is my friends ex! he went out with her for a few years, until things ended in a mess and broke up about a year ago. Tbh he was a bit neglectful and abusive (not physically) and a bit of a d*** to her by the end, but they clearly had a spark. The thing is, now my friend has another girlfriend and seems to have moved on (but you never know really - she was his longest girlfriend to date)

Anyway to get to the point, should I ignore the attraction I have for her and just keep her as a friend? or should I be open to more? or is that out of line to try with a friends ex? I worry that it would upset my friend, and I can see why. What do you think?


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  • How good of a friend is this guy?

    Also remember there are three sides to every break up story. His story, her story, and what really happened. Even if he was a d***, she was probably equally annoying in some way. When people are hurt and angry - they are illogical, unreasonable, and unpredictable.

    • He's a good friend. he can be hard work but he's still a friend. I guess I should not jeopardize that.

    • If he is a good friend, then you're right you shouldn't move on this.

      I would like to think that if you and her were really meant to be, then a few years from now the opportunity may arise again and you can revisit it then.

      In the mean time don't let her know you like her. As a woman, it is torturous to know that a man likes you but won't be with you because of his affiliation with someone else.

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