They beat him up when he hangs out with me?

There is a shy but funny guy in my class. And I am shy too but I can say I am an attractive girl.

I don't speak to a lot of people but with him I can talk and make fun I just feel comfortable with him. But there are no feelings for him. I just like him as a friend.

But when he hangs out with me the other guys of my class try to push him down in front of me and making jokes of him.

Is it because of me? And he doesn't hang out that much with me anymore, which I think is very sad :(

Any advice?


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  • Yeah, lots of guys will undercut other dudes in front of girls that they're trying to impress or get closer too. It's called cockblocking.

  • Yeah this might be the reason why they're doing that. If you were really a friend you would tell the guys to f*** off and leave him alone not just sit there and watch. I don't blame the kid for not hanging out with you anymore. Friends stick up for friends.


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