Will my girlfriend be immediately put off if I'm terrible at making out?

I'm seventeen and I have had girlfriends and done pretty much everything EXCEPT (for some odd reason) make out. I have of course kissed, but previous girlfriends just didn't want to, and I didn't mind. I have a new girlfriend, and I like her a lot, but I'm hugely worried that she's going to either laugh out loud at my terrible "kissing skill" or end up telling all of her friends.what should I do?


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  • dont tell her

    coz tht makes you way more nervous

    just go for it wen you feel ur ready


    if she rly likes you

    she wnt mind

    shell b pateint till you get the hang of it :)


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  • Girls like to think they're experts at everything. Tell her upfront you think you think you're bad at it. She'll say you're not of course but you've given her the opportunity to give you feedback without fear of hurting your feelings. Hopefully she'll give you a few tips as to what she likes and you'll be good to go.

  • if she loves you she shouldn't just try your best and see how it goes and if it goes well you know how to improve for the next time the best thing to do is to try


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  • Kiss her terribly, laugh at yourself for not being "perfect", and love all the same.

    Oh man, I'm in a lovey-dovey mood tonight.

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