Am I dating him or his mother?

I've been with the same guy nor for over two and a half years, and yes he's a momma's boy. This comes with it's pros and cons. he's extremely respectful and loving, however I'm starting to feel like he will always put his mothers needs before me. Don't get me wrong, she is a wonderful person and I like her very much. I understand she is lonely and that her son means everything to him, but lately I've been noticing how much she is interfering in our relationship. Every time we plan on going out for a date she will insist that she tags along.. or somehow finds a way to crash our alone time. I know his mother will always be in the picture, and I would never give him an ultimatum between us. However, he's 23 and she needs to let him grow up and stop making him feel guilty for not spending every waking moment with her. Am I in the wrong here?


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  • No. A child is meant to separate from his family and start a family of his own. You need to put your foot down about some boundaries to him, and he needs to tell his mother. She's a damn grown woman, she should know better.

    • You've got a good point, He should be the one to do something about this situation, but I guess I have to tell him this has been bothering me first.

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    • thank you:). But I think he's kind of afraid to stand up to her and would most likely put the blame on me to solve it:S.

    • Believe me, I figured that. That's why I made sure to point out how it should be done.

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