Was silent treatment too much?

Was angry at a guy friend while we hung out alone...gave him the silent treatment for three hours...he not once asked me what was wrong...he just kept trying to socialize with me. In the end he decided it was time to end the evening, made sure I didn't leave my belongings behind, then he drove me back , nicely thanked me for hanging out walked me back and left without saying goodbye.

I didn't want things to go this way and I feel bad. Do you think he is upset and still cares?

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  • Why can't women be more straight forward if you're mad start yelling if you're anoyed tell us were twats, and that goes for other areas too like if you don't want to go have dinner tell us no not 'i got a lot of things to do so ima be pretty buzzy'.

    You should just have acted mad imo not be annoying for 3 hours and having regrets afterward but since you're in the situation id say pick up the phone call him up tell him he pissed you off but that you shouoldnt have acted the way you did and wel that should pretty much solve it I think.


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  • Lol, he's the man. He took your BS game and turned it around on you and now you're the one upset. Ahhh women are funny.

    • I didn't wanna play games I was just upset at stuff he did and I don't know ...I didn't want the day to happen that way

    • lol ya..

      QA, if you were upset, TALK TO HIM! Herpaderp...

    • I wanted to...idk why I didn't...guess I wanted him ask me what was wrong

  • ...the people I like to hang out with don't do that to me personally...

    • Yeah but I was hurt by stuff he did previously

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    • I regret it now...and I wasted quality time we haven't had in a long time. Do you think he'd want to talk next week and let me apologize

  • lmao serves you right, most guys these days don't play those dumb games anymore, they're getting annoying fast.


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