My first kiss story..I'm so confused..

OKAY! Hi guys :) Last night I had my first kiss and I feel like I sucked because I was like so confused and he was so experienced...I'm 16 he's 19.

Anyway he invited me to hang out and I snuck out at like eleven and met him by carvel in his car that's like a block away from my house.

So he wanted to played truth or dare and he was like do you still think I'm good looking and blah blah blah...Then I finally said dare he dared me to kiss him. I was very hesitant for like an hour so I procrastinated and kept talking to him, and he kept trying to get close to me and put his arm around me and was like wow you smell amazing... (we were in the back seat) he was like I really want to kiss you and you should trust me and to just for it.

So after a pretty long time like 1 in the morning I was like OK maybe and he leaned in and kissed me haha. I was so confused and I pulled away and he was like wanna try again? And I did for like 5 seconds. For it being my first kiss, it felt slimy and weird and he cupped my face.

Afterwords I had to sneak back home lol :P He said he wanted to do it again but I honestly am not attracted to him that much and didn't feel a spark when we kissed but I was really curious and everything also I kinda want to do it again...

Also I work at a camp and he is my senior counselor while I'm a junior counselor hahaha and he promised nothing would be awkward or anything...

Please tell me what you think! Thank you :)


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  • Could have fooled me, your age info say 36 to 45. what's with all the false info the last couple of days from anon people?

    What does cupped my face mean?


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  • as a 19 year old I can promise alll he wanted was to get in your pants no offense to you but 16 and 19 year olds are very far apart as far as maturity goes again I'm not talking sh*t on you this is something you'll realize on your own in 3 years I kno it doesn't seem like a big gap but I kno for a fact I'm a diff person at 19 then I was at 16 and wen your 19 and see dudes still messin with high school chicks trust me you'll think their pathetic date people your own age(ish) I'm js


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  • If you're 16 then why does your profile say you are between 36-45? :)

    Well about the question- it seems to me you're first kiss just wasn't as good as you expected because:

    1. You don't like the guy romantically. Its ALWAYS better if you kiss a person you like, just as a general thing the kiss is more magical and you enjoy it lots more :D

    2. Since it was your first kiss it probably just felt odd which I'm sure happens to a lot of people, maybe his kissing technique was a bit weird or something :S

    When you kiss a guy you actually really like, I'm sure you'll get used to it and will enjoy it more :D