What is there to do at 9 P.M or later.

My boyfriend and I don't get to see each other till 9 P.M especially on my days off work because he's working till 9. All we do during that time is just sit around, watch t.v or a movie. He enjoys it but I'm getting bored of it.

I just told I'm gonna hang out with friends and he can go hang out with his friends when he gets off work tonight. He got sad because I haven't seen him since Thursday. Plus, he is getting pretty clingy and I don't like it.

I'm just wondering what is there to do at night?

I'm 19 and he's 20.

We both have cars. I live with my parents, he doesn't. I just want something to do with just him and I. I invite him to parties but he never wants to go, even to hang out with my friends (it's not all girls either). I'm usually out with friends before 9, he's usually working during the day.

I even asked him to come with me and my best friend with her boyfriend to play some pool, darts and go bowling. He says yeah, but when it comes to that day he backs out.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy staying at his place, watching a movie and talk but it gets boring after awhile.

He only wants to hang out till Midnight, which only gives us 3 hours. I don't have a curfew, he just wants to sleep because he gets tired.

I don't understand why he gets mad if I go out w/o him but doesn't want to do anything together in public.


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  • Well, he's going to have to be in public, but the people out at this time in your age group may be in the same areas.

    You can go for drives - just did that with a good friend of mine last night.

    Park and listen to a CD together. Or listen to a CD at home.

    Go to a coffee shop and read your own material next to each other. Or, you can read a book together or simply read to each other.

    Walks near a beach or along the streets.

    What would you do before 9 PM together?


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  • ok, what's there to do before 9 p.m.? I think a lot less than after^^

  • Really? What is there to do at night when you're 19 and he's 20?

    I know I'm getting a little older now but things must have changed from when I was 19.

  • that's a tough situation. I'm assuming you both live with your parents. do either of you have a car? just start hanging out with your friends and let him, you can see what both of you want that way. he's sounding like a homebody and if that's the case you both want different things. are there parties, concerts, mutual friends places you could go to, any coffeehouses or bars where you could get into where you live?


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  • talk abot your interests. talk about what you did during the day. Bake something together. read a book together. have sex.

    play games, like monopoly, or jango, or play any board games.

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