What do you commonly do when you hangout with your partner?

Not neccesarily sexual (unless that's all you do haha) but the normal day, "Hey I wanna see you". What do you do?

I have an image in my head of asking my girl out and we become a thing and end up just sitting at each others' houses just watching a movie or some sh*t, over and over (That's how my sister is with her bf). I can't ever think of anything worthy of inviting her to even now. I'm a pessimist and I feel like it'll be boring till she can't take anymore and break up with me :/

It's funny how I sound when I write it out... lol but help!

I didn't categorize this in sexuality but ok...


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  • That's what I do with the guy I'm dating. If she isn't the type to get bored ridiculously easy it's fine to just sit inside and cuddle. Download some movies, cook together, play video games if you're both into it. You're FRIENDS. I don't know why people who date make the dynamic something that has to have all these standards. To me, your boyfriend or girlfriend is just your best friend that you have romantic feelings for and act on them with. They shouldn't be all that different from your regular friends except you're closer and more open since you share aspects of a relationship you don't with other friends, like sexual...

    I get the feeling not all or most girls see things this way, but just relax. If she gets bored by your company so easily she's probably not that great of a girlfriend anyway.


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  • My boyfriend and I just watch movies, play games, make food, and lie around in bed, haha. I don't think it's boring at all, because I really enjoy his company. Every once in a while we go out for the sake of variety, but we're both perfectly content at home.

    Also, I completely agree with what Aethera said. I can't even word it as well as she did :P Finding a partner who is your best friend above all is so important.

  • Watch movies, makeout haha, go to the park/mini zoo, drive around, talk, ask each other questions...etc. I honestly love just talking the best and take turn asking each other questions that can be anywhere from super serious to what is your lucky number.


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  • Well we watch a sh*t ton of movies, but then again we are sort of movie buffs... more like we enjoy anything with a story so we actually hangout a lot and just lounge on the floor reading, or watch a movie, or playing an rpg, or catching up on the TV shows we watch, I also read tons of manga which shw counters with her equally geeky obsession with harry potter fan fiction, other than that we take turns choosing I'm a hhuge fan of art and history museums while she loves ballroom dance so we switch off. But you know you don't have to be doing anything all the time, part of the way to tell that a relationship will work is if you can both feel comfortable doing nothing and not talking but just enjoying each others company without it feeling awkward