Should I call my ex boyfriend?

I really want to get back in touch with my ex boyfriend but I don't want to make things even worse. Three weeks ago I broke up with my boyfriend through voice mail which is the reason why I want to talk to him. I've been regretting and wanted to apologize since then. Sadly not only did I break up through voice mail, I started the text terrorism because I was in such panic of breaking up. I wasn't ready to lose him and I freaked out. I kept digging myself into a deeper hole.

Since the break up he's been ignoring every text message I sent out to him. Now I want to try calling him only once to see if he will finally talk to me again. I do deserve everything that is happening now but I'm really scared that this is it. I really messed up big time and its been really hard to live by knowing that this could have been prevented. I feel like I lost the best thing in my life.

I'm not expected us to be in a relationship again but I do hope I can get some closure and put my guilt to rest. So any suggestions on what I should do? Should I call or not call?


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  • Are you serious? Don't call him to make yourself feel better. Leave him alone so he can heal. Don't be selfish.

    • i agree ^ otherwise he will have an advantage over you and you'll have to listen to everything he says...he is just playing the NC cards and he is winning at patient and don't let yourself fall for it so soon..wait out for a whole month and let him come to you begging!

  • Ok, stop txting & calling. It is only pushing him away. As difficult as it may be, you have to take a step back & deal with your feelings. I've been there, and I humiliated myself trying to get my guy back & he shot me down, then ignored me. As soon as I started to move on-he wanted me back. Bu that time-I no longer wanted him.

    Just give it some time hon-it does get easier.