Which girl should I choose and how should I go about it?

Well here's the thing. Being the stud that I am *erhem*..*cough*.. ok ok. Here it is straight. I somehow managed to end up inviting two chicks to the prom with me ( there can only be one! dum dum dum!!). The first one lets call E and the second one N. I asked E out initially. We had been just friends but only because we hang out within the same group. Then a week or so later I went to a party and met E's friend N, now N is pur-ritty fine. I don't exactly know how it happened but I asked her to the prom too... WTF do I do now? who shall I choose? I'm pretty screwed aren't I? Is honesty really the best policy in this case? ( is it ever?)


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  • I think you should go with E. Sounds like she's a better friend and N is just a hot-chick. May I ask why the hell you people choose such ambiguous names for anonymous people? What happened to the good old "chica numero 1" and "chica numero 2" or "sally" and "tally". must it be "E" and "N"??

    Back to your question... yeah, seems like if you ditch E, she'll probably get very mad (and we both know she has the right to, regardless of what day of the month it is), especially since you're ditching her for her friend. And you probably will destroy your friendship. If you care about her at all, go with her. If you'll never see her again once you graduate HS and you really don't care for her and you don't mind being considered a jerk for eternity, then follow your penis and choose N :)

    But seriously, it just seems wrong to go with N.... take E to prom, even if just as a friend, and you can always just casually hang out and/or ask our N if you want to later. Tell N that even though you'd love to take her to prom and show off to everyone in college what a hottie you took to prom with you, you made a mistake and you already asked E, and you can't ditch her. She'll understand (unless she's a bitch). If you tell her that you already asked her friend and you're sorry that you asked her too, you don't know why you did that and you're really sorry, she'll hopefully understand. But just in case, hire a bodyguard for the next little while.

    • Lol, bodyguard. Check *takes mental note*. And E and N are just the first letters of the respective girls' names.

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    • This is very solid advice. Good job.

      "She'll understand (unless she's a bitch). "

      And funny too!

    • Thank you joe, I do my best. Which sometimes is not nearly enough.

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  • You should pick E cause she is your friend and you know her better since N is just hotter that really doesn't make her better she may be much different than you think and at least you already know E and don't have to be nervous around her.


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  • Nah dude, I think you should pit those two against each other and let them 'prove' which likes you better. I've found that women tend to be more jealous than men and seem to even enjoy 'the game'. Why not try to split your time and hang out with both of them at seperate times, they will fawn all over you. Just make sure to tell both of them that you are bringing more than one girl to prom and don't surprise them on this issue. If you play your cards right, you will have a choice between the two, and you'll be able to pick which gal you like better. Hope this helps, Kyle