Girls actions after they have been engaged when they were young!

I started dating a 25 year girl about 2 months ago, and she told me she didn't want to do anything sexually until she was in a relationship, although the night we meet she came over to my house and we did hook up, I don't get that. She was still living with an x-fiancee that treated her like crap, because she couldn't afford to move out. (or so she said) They were not together anymore, yet he still paid a lot of her bills. After we meet she was able to get her own place, and he paid her first months rent and moved her stuff into her new place. We were great for a few months until she started getting all kinds of attention at the bar from other guys. Here is my question is that normally what happens to girls that haven't had the fun and experience when they were younger because they were tied down in an engagement. Then once they get out of the situation and have a little freedom, and finally live on their own, they live it up no matter whom gets hurt? We talked about moving down south because of the economy and we were really happy together at least I thought. But people, my alleged friends, I introduced was meeting her at the gym to work out with her behind my back, and I didn't like that at all. Is it expected that after a girl has been engaged that the next guy (rebound guy) has no luck, no matter how good and supportive he might be towards her, and give her all the trust, but just don't trust guys because I know what they are thinking.


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  • Thats just awful that she did that to you. I never been engaged been asked but turn them down. But I think they feel that they have to get back in the game and your just the starter upper to help them and then get into a real relationship after. You shouldn't be the one who gets rebounded. I hope you find someone better and will treat you better you don't need her.


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  • I've known girls (and guys, too) who were repressed in their youth, and went a little wild after they finally had a taste of the forbidden fruit. and this girl sounds like she might be trouble.

    She's living with her ex who pays her bills.

    She's saying one thing about sex and doing another the very same night (mixed messages).

    What's next?

    You might want to slow down with this girl, and establish some boundaries and guidelines (if you haven't done so already).

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