Really complicated and I wish someone would help me figure out why he's not talking to me?

long story short. met a guy (DAVE). he said he was 16 when he was actually 14. (I'm 18) we dated and THEN he told me how old he really was and kinda guilt tripped me into going along with it but after I found out I was grossed out so I didn't hang out with him much or treat him like a boyfriend but in his mind we were still "dating" even though he never actually asked me out(it's complicated like that) but we called each other baby and stuff and assumed we were dating each other so I guess we were.

I met this guy (STEVE) and we started talking a lot and called each other and talked til 6 in the morning getting to know each other. I really liked him. he liked me. Dave found out about me "cheating" on him because him and Steve had mutual friends. so Dave texted me cussing me out and broke up with me. I didn't really care. the next day Dave called me and said he was hanging out with Steve and now they are really good friends(this is true) Dave said he didn't care that I cheated on him and he just really wanted me back and he was crying. I felt bad and I didn't know what to say. Dave said he loved me and thought once again when he hung out that we were dating. I noticed that Steve stopped talking to me so I asked him what was up. he said "i still really like you and I don't think that's ever gonna change but your with Dave and I understand"

i told Steve I didn't like Dave and that Dave was way too young but I didn't want to hurt him. Steve understood. then I told Steve that I broke up with Dave the second time because I did. Dave didn't take it well at all and once again cussed me out. the next day Steve asked to hang out with me. so I did. I went to his house and he had sex with me and then cooked me food and we talked. after that day...Steve hasn't been talking to me. we used to talk every day but now it seems like he's avoiding me. when I talk to him on Facebook his replies are short like "yaa" "cool" "OK" and they used to be like "YEAH!:):)" etc. I KNEW the difference so I blatantly asked him

"do you like me? because I like you. and if you don't it's cool I'll move on"

him: "you like me?"

me: "yeah. you didn't know that?"

him: "nooo"

me: "oh. well now you know"

him:"haha ya"

me: "ok I'll take the hint and we can stay friends?"

him: "yaa that's best"


i'm sorry it's so long I tried to shorten it as much as possible. there is so much more to the story:( another thing I forgot to mention was that steve actually talked to me the day after we hung out and he said "hey..sorry I busted way early" at the time I had no idea what that meant and I had the dumbest reply to it and I had no idea what he was talking about but now I do. he meant he came WAY too early which he did. I thought he was saying "sorry I left way too early" so my reply
at the time was "oh it's OK. I was disappointed but it's fine"


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  • Typical girl. You suck at communication.

    You should never have led Dave on. You should never have let him think you were going out when you weren't. You should never have let him think you were back together when you weren't.

    You're clearly not mature enough for anyone just yet, let alone a 14 year old.


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  • Well, you're free of the 14 year old. So much drama and you're...only 18?

    I'd take a long break from Steve, Dave, the whole crew of adolescents. You're of age now!

  • My name is Dave...apparently I should be able to answer this...because..according to all women...all men who have something in common think alike...


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  • why are you dealing with guys so much younger then you?

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