He tells his best friend that he thinks I might be his rebound girl.

We've been together for nearly 6 months, and out of nowhere he tells his best friend that he thinks I might be his rebound girl. and because my friend is dating his best friend, he told her and she told me... and since he's told his best friend that he hasn't talked to me & I just don't know what to do.. any suggestions?


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  • Talk to your boyfriend about it. Sometimes the rumors or things people say can get twisted from ear to ear. So I suggest you should talk to your boyfriend about it, don't always believe what the friend tells you. But don't accuse him of doing anything, just ask, in a nice way :)

    • thanks :) I'm trying to do that but he just doesn't seem to respond to me.. so I'm just giving him some space and letting him come to me when he's ready.. I just don't know what else I can do right now.

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    • he once told me that if he was cheating on me that'd he tell me straightaway & I still believe that he would do that.. and 3 months ago some family stuff did happen and we didn't talk for a while because he just wasn't feeling all that well about it all and I'm not hoping that there's more family stuff happening but I guess I'm hoping that there's a reason why he's not talking.. but thanks for your advice! :D

    • You are welcome and I hope you two will sort it out! :)

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  • it means he's changing his mind and losing interest

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