Do guys think about their first love ?

It seems like girls think about their first love a lot more than guys do.but I'm starting to think that guys are just hiding it.

what's up with that?


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  • guys DO think abt their first love.but while girls can talk abt it to other girls.guys dun really have an outlet to tell it to you know?haha.can you imagine a guy telling another guy abt his first love?the reply'll be like "erm.dude.thats gay" or something haha.

    if he tells it to his gf?worse.*slap slap*.ouch-_-"

    • Hahahaha!

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    • Hah! definately. thank you.

    • No prob:)

      hope this gives you a better understanding of guys..although I do have a guy fren which I can talk such stuff to..but that's because we have same lvl of sensitivity and closeness haha

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  • yeah we hid lmao!

    we bring it up later when we get married and have 2 kids

    then that night we sleep on the sofa.

    but on a serious note.

    i guess the reason why I hid it because I think that other guys would think its all feely-feely to think in that manner *shrugs*.and plus, it never really it never comes up in our conversations. with my friends atleast.

    you us we gotta be meatheads ARRG!

  • alot of guys hide it. I dated my first love for a year and a half. We broke up and moved on iv dated lots of other girls. I even was in a 3 plus year relationship. Now recently that girl (my first love) and her fiancĂ© broke up and I realize I still care about her alot. And would love to get back together. She's just too suck on the jerk that just dumped her.

    • That very same thing happened to me. and it sucks because I can't decide if I got over that or not

  • I'll let you know when I experience this thing called love.

  • It is said in the past that men have harder time forgetting there first love, and for women they have harder time forgetting there last love.


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