What do I do about this girl that didn't respond to my text?

To start off, I don't have very many friends and when I get blown off I get very irritated but don't show it. I am supposed to go to an amusement park tomorrow that is about an hour away with a friend and two of her other friends. We planned this Saturday night and my friend said she would definitely text me about it after Saturday. She didn't text me, so today I texted her a friendly hello and she responded politely. I then asked her if we were still going tomorrow. She didn't respond and it's been 9 hours. Should I text her again to see what's up or forget about her? It's already 11:30 and we have to leave by 8:30 to get there on time. I was supposed to go today as well with someone else, but the same thing happened except I called, texted, and posted on the person's wall with no response. So you can see why I'm angry about this.


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