How do I get him to kiss me again?

I love my boyfriend. I've been together for forever. He kisses me on the cheek and stuff, but we don't make out anymore, and I kind of want that to happen again... so... help? (PS. He's kind of shy but not with me... I don't know if that have anything to do with anything.)


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  • No, he is shy with you. Otherwise he would make out with you.

    Next time you're with him, try initiating it on your own. That way he'll know it's ok.

    • We've made out before and he's never had any problem with that...

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    • You ask "Why don't we make out anymore?"

      If you're in a relationship, no question should be awkward. The whole basis of a relationship is open, honest communication. If you don't have that, you don't have a relationship.

    • Thanks!

  • Yea, how about you kiss him? Lol

    • I do... but it's always light kisses on the lips at best...

    • He might simply not know how to kiss...?

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