Question about "liking" only my post on FB...girls what does it mean or what could it mean?

OK so I know people have asked this question before and I think may be, in my case, I'm over analyzing? I've known this girl for about a couple months now, we flirt all the time...we used to work with one another and we have a couple inside jokes together...We hit it off great and everything and were very touchy feely when we worked with one another...we were also texting the other day and she told me she missed me tons and wanted to get together sometime...

NOW here is the tricky party, recently she said "if I didn't have a boyfriend, I'd love to date you" shocker right? the way we were acting and talking and such would have led me to believe she didn't have a bf...but of course with my luck, she currently does...anyways that didn't stop me from being a nice guy, I'm just not a relationship destroyer so I kind of backed off with some of the flirtatious stuff, even if she didn't...

well, Its her birthday today and I left her a post on fb, being myself and leaving a funny message is never an issue with me. so that's exactly what I did

she's had a ton of people leaving her messages and a bunch of them are funny. yet she only "liked" mine out of everyone who has left a post...

does this mean anything? or am I just over analyzing the situation and thinking I'm special/getting my hopes up for no reason/ lol...side note - she usually will "like" and/or comment on everything I say...but when other guys write on her wall she either doesn't respond or doesn't do anything with it...(shes the kind of girl to comment on the post and not write on the page) - although she has written on mine on different what's the deal, am I just getting hopes up? over analyzing?


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  • Stop over analyzing.


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