Potentially dating 2 guys... help!

So I've been dating a guy for a couple months, but he lives 3 hours away. Sometimes I feel the chemistry is there, but other times I feel like he's not totally into it, whether because of the distance or something larger.

There's another guy more locally who I have a ton in common with that's been asking me out. I've been standoffish since I'm somewhat involved with someone else (no talks about exclusitivity though).

The guy 3 hours away has been making efforts to come see me, call, etc. But I feel I should keep my options open and I get the feeling he does too. But I never have been in a two guy situation. I don't want to give up on the long-distance guy quite yet, but would be very interested in meeting this other guy who is closer and who I have uncanny similar interests with.

So, should I play the two guy rule for a little? Give them both a try? Make a decision now? The trouble is that my long-distance guy typically comes up for the entire weekend and I feel I won't have a good excuse for why I'm not free.

I don't know what to do. I'm a pretty honest person, but feel like this is an unusual situation for me.

By the way, I'm 31, been around the 'dating block', so this isn't a young and dumb situation. Any thoughts?


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  • 'the two guy rule' 'I'm a pretty honest person'

    Why not sit back, read what you just wrote and think to yourself for a bit. Maybe if you think real hard you might think how you'd feel if you found out he was seeing someone else on the side without telling you. Communication is the foundation of relation. Talk to him, you're making it a 'young and dumb' situation.

    • Listen to this guy he's speaking the truth. Based on what morals you have will lead to the conclusion you should make Cheating never works out well and Karma is a bitch~friendly advice

    • Woo, I always speak the truth.

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  • I say analyze them both for a while and see which one you like better. Also think about which one you could see yourself being with long term (if you want a long term relationship) I actually just went through a situation just like this and I ended up choosing the one closer in distance to me because he acted like he wanted to be with me and the other one didn't act that way as much. but make a decision fast because you don't want to lead them both on and end up in a really bad situation. that's just my opinion :)