No contact rule in order to get him back but he is dating someone already. Will it work? :/

Ok, so my boyfriend of 8 months dumped me for the girl he cheated me with. He said he wants to be friends with me and we were talking all day for a couple of days. He was also talking to me about his new crush so I couldn't stand it and stopped contacting him. He was talking to me for a day and then nothing.?

I know he's with that other girl now. Can this be considered as a rebound relationship? The girl he is dating is going abroad for four months on September, so I thought that it's the perfect time to start contacting him again. As friends for now, of course.?

Opinions? And generally, what should I do to make him want me again? We were really close and I know everything about him cause we were like best friends before the relationship?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. Even you you get him back, he will do this again. I am sorry you got hurt, but you have to move on, and find a guy that will stand by you, and treat you the way you deserve.


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  • Well if he's with her and he chated I would not be waiting on him to come back that's like giving him the okay . Why would you tolerate such behavior ? I'm guessing if this not your first boyfriend Its your longest relationship but anyways don't wait for him chances are he'll cheat on her to best thing to do is jst act like you ain't hurt that will make his ego go like what? She's over me really nd chances are he will be back but don't take him back

    • Actually I want him to like me and want me again. I'm not sure if I want to restart this relationship, I want him to want me again. I stopped contacting him a couple of days after we broke up. He was expecting me to go insane but like you said, I am acting like I don't even care.

      Whatever happens, I want to keep contact with him so I'll try to when she is out of the picture for those months.