How to let a guy know you want to hang out, mutual attraction?

i really like this guy, and he always texts me. we used to "hang out" at his apartment, but I haven't seen him in a month Because I told him I thought he just wanted sex. so now he's been saying that he misses seeing me, and I miss him. we never had sex, but it was headed in that direction. what should I do?


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  • Well do you want sex? If not hang out strictly as friends and be totally friendly and not intentionally sexy and see if he tries to make a move, if he does, watch out for whether he smiles genuinely around you a lot, or if he makes more sexual gestures. You can tell by that if he wants who you are or what you are

    • but he knows she thinks he wants sex.. so he might not be obvious about it.

    • well if he sticks around anyway he might be genuine. I know how hard it is to trust guys. the only 2 guys I've ever dated, who I was like, wow, I found the sweetest guy, then after we brake up I think theyre the scum of the earth for good reasons.

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